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Directions to Långtora

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(It is not possible to drive on the road coming from the east, please follow the directions below.) 

Coordinate location:  +59° 44' 45.00", +17° 8' 40.00" or 59.745833 , 17.144444




Distance Directions from Stockholm

Drive E18 from Stockholm towards Oslo/Enköping.

Turn off the motor way at turn-off nr. 142 towards main road 70 marked Mora, Sala. Here, also a McDonalds should be visible on the left hand side.

0.0 km

Directly turn right from main road 70 towards smaller road with direction towards Torstuna, Härkeberga.

4.3 km

Turn right towards Långtora. If you miss the sign, you can keep on driving for about 2km where another sign towards Långtora appears.

5.1 km

Pass the sign of small village Jädra

7.9 km

Pass the sign for Långtora

8.3 km

Pass the turn off towards Torstuna (left) and pass the turn off towards Örsundsbro (right).

8.5 km

Follow sign "Segelflygfält" (turn off left onto gravel road). Slowly pass the horse farm on the right hand side, max 25km/h. Stop the car if you meet a horse on the raod and wsit for owners directive. A small wind turbine should be visible.

10.5 km

Pass three barns.

10.8 km

Turn right in a small T-crossing.

11.2 km      

Here you see the club's welcome sign.

Turn left towards the airfield, right towards club house.

12 km

At the airfield! Park at the P-sign or locate our blue flight control bus.




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