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Klubbens köp av tomten i Klubbacken

30 SEP 2016 12:43
Vår Ordförande beskriver här bakgrund till att köpa marken som klubbhus, sovhus och stugor/campingvagnar står på.
  • Uppdaterad: 30 SEP 2016 17:43

We had a special members meeting to vote to change board structure, and this was held in conjunction with the annual Crayfish party. In addition to the issue of board structure, the board wanted to get opinions and input from members concerning the purchase of the land that the clubhouse and barracks are standing on. A second point was added to the meeting to do so. The board maintains the voting privilege for such action, but recognizes that such a large sum of money needs to be transparent and consultative to members. As it was flying season the meeting was held at Långtora. Whether this was good or bad is open to opinion. Several members could not attend but made their opinion known to the board by email and by phone. By email/phone the feeling was split, a small majority wanted to purchase land. At the meeting the feeling was over whelming for purchase. The board has discussed this multiple times, and whilst there are always pros and cons on such discussions, the board was also strongly in favour of this investment.

Some facts:

  1. The land where the clubhouse stands and surrounding land is up for sale, along with much of the other property owned by the farmer. It will be sold, and we may not have another opportunity to buy at this price, if ever. The price is ca 250,000 SEK.
  2. We have an agreement lasting 9 more years, but even after 9 years the advice given to the board is that it would be difficult for any new owner to kick us off. But it could involve us in a difficult discussion. We don’t know who would be the new owner or how they may act.
  3. If we decide to leave the land at some point in the future, the cost could be large as we can be forced to remove everything. It would also be a substantial task for members. So large, that we are forced to keep paying the rent for ever. We are basically locked in to keeping the land if we choose not to buy. The smaller club the bigger the burden on remaining members. So why not just keep the status quo.

Reasons for purchase:

  1. The buildings have very little worth without ownership of the land. With the purchase of land, the time and money put into the buildings can be realized financially.
  2. In order to use the land we allow the farmer to use land which is worth much more for free. This is our old airfield. By purchasing the land (clubhouse/barracks) we obtain a rental income. This makes a large dent in the yearly cost of purchase.
  3. If we need money to buy something (a new engine) we have much more security to take a loan. As the land plus buildings are worth a large sum. Then it allows us to cut interest cost by ca 50%. Today we pay 6% interest. This provides a long term benefit.
  4. If at any point in the future the club wished to stop using the land we avoid the cost of clean up, and can also potentially realize a profit by selling the fastighet as a whole (building plus land). So basically the financial risk and benefits are felt to be better by us owning the land our buildings stand on than to continue renting.  There is no current plan to sell the land for a profit, but the option is there for the club in the future. This could have an effect on the stug-owners, but that will be a discussion for a future board. There is little point making discussions now which are not needed. All agreements are looked at on a regular basis, and any applicable changes will be part of a normal working practice. Some terms may need to be changed as they refer to the rental agreement.

There is a strong opinion that we are a flying club and should not own property. We should spend time and effort on flying. That raises questions about how we should maintain the property. The fact is purchasing the land adds nothing to the level of work needed to maintain the buildings, those questions are identical whether we own or don’t own the land. A golf club is about playing golf, do they really need land for a clubhouse/shop etc? Yes we could build a new clubhouse, but we still need to maintain the rental for the current agreement (see item 4 above). That suggestion also begs the question about who would do such work?

If the owner had stayed the same we would not have sought out to purchase the land. But as we now have the opportunity, in the balance it was felt better to own the land than not.

I hope this goes someway to explaining some of the thinking behind this. It is not a clear black and white choice, but the choice has now been made. I would like to thank everyone who gave input either before or at the meeting, both view points helped the board immensely refine thoughts.
Thoughts and suggestions about the process are welcome, any changes can be put forward at the members meeting per normal process.

Jeremy Hamill-Keays

Skribent: Gloria
Epost: Adressen Gömd
  1. Håller helt med Anders P, tack för all tid ni lägger ner på utredningar och jobb med detta!

    (Gloria 2016-10-06 kl 12:25) Anmäl
  2. Very good information about background and effects. Well done. I'd like to thank everyone involved in this for taking their spare time and sorting the matters out for what's best for the club in the long run, avoiding the temptation to optimize for short term solutions. Now we just have to figure out how to secure the airfield as well :-)

    (Anders P 2016-10-05 kl 08:25) Anmäl

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